Planting2012 JD 177ONTBest well-maintained owner-operated1ATractorspre-owned equipment in the U.S.2012 JD 617ORCall for details on our John Deere LOW RATE FINANCING ProgramsAdditional Troxel incentives available on select equipmentFebruary Special Finance OffersFOR 3 YEARS#44559, 16RN. CCS. PRODRIVE.MECH DRV, VAC, CAST CLSRS, 25WAVE COULTERS, PNEU DIF (WS102,000o2015 JD 19902012 JD 177ONT#43611, 180X46. 4R, S4C1000 PTOAIT, PREM CAB, FRT & REARFNDRS, 420X30101 RS. B)$118,400PRO DRIVEFINANCINGfollowed by 4.15% for 3 additionalyears OR 1.9% fixed for 6 yearswith qualified trade.2014 JD 8235R600 GALThese special offers are valid for these 7 machines only.Stop in and talk to one of our sales specialists today2014 JD 8295R2015 JD 8295R2014 JD 832OR#44524, 40,,7.5". CAT 4,REAR HYD, NO REAR FILL#42781480X46 DLS#40429,18.4X50, PiSPREM CAB42826, 480X50 DLS, 5R, AUX HYD,LEATHER, 2630, ITC, CAT 3DRAWBAR, RECON,625 HRS. (B)$204.900480X50 DLS,NO MARKERS, DLS ON WINGs (B)S131,60oPREM LTSrsRADAR, 16F &2 PR 45060 GPMHYD PUMP433 HRS. (B)2012 JD 941OR2010 HAGIE STS12229.900 4 HRS. (W:):)336 HRS. (W)2014 JD 941OR2015 JD 9420R2014 JD S670#39889,44787PRWD6X50, RWAAUGER, PROENG. 86645350, 710X42 DUALS, 4R, RADAR4000 LBSREAR, PREM48463, 100,1,200 GAL SS TANK,14 SPAC, SECTION CONTROLAUTOSTEER 38090R54, 1,364 HRS. ($179,900PREM CAB& RADIO, PIS, HID LIGHTSS213,6002013 JD 9460HIDBAREBACTIVE SEAT 1.006 HRS.DLX CAB278 HRS. (WCABSR, 60 GPM449 HRS. (w249.000429280.2002016 JD R4030JOHN DEEREROXELYour Solutions Dealerwww.TroxelEquipment.com45677, 710XA2, PIS, PREM CAB, HID5R, 1400 FRT&REAR, 20 FRAMEWTS, 2.535 HRS | H)S215,00044491,800 G 5S TANK, FRONT FILL15 SPAC, NARROW TIRES, FENCE ROWBluffton (B)Huntington (H)Wabash (W)68E10ON, BLUFFTON 477TW-500N, HUNTINGTON 834N ST, RD, 13, WABASHNOZZLES, NO AMS, 182 HRSS278,900260) 565-3559876-9351356-7958888-876-9352(260) 563-11491-888-876-9353Troxel Equipment 8MM4797

Date: February 7, 2018

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March 9, 2018 (227 days ago)

Troxel Equipment Co - Wabash

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Planting 2012 JD 177ONT Best well-maintained owner-operated1ATractors pre-owned equipment in the U.S. 2012 JD 617OR Call for details on our John Deere LOW RATE FINANCING Programs Additional Troxel incentives available on select equipment February Special Finance Offers FOR 3 YEARS #44559, 16RN. CCS. PRODRIVE. MECH DRV, VAC, CAST CLSRS, 25 WAVE COULTERS, PNEU DIF (W S102,000o 2015 JD 1990 2012 JD 177ONT #43611, 180X46. 4R, S4C1000 PTO AIT, PREM CAB, FRT & REAR FNDRS, 420X30101 RS. B) $118,400 PRO DRIVE FINANCING followed by 4.15% for 3 additional years OR 1.9% fixed for 6 years with qualified trade. 2014 JD 8235R 600 GAL These special offers are valid for these 7 machines only. Stop in and talk to one of our sales specialists today 2014 JD 8295R 2015 JD 8295R 2014 JD 832OR #44524, 40,,7.5". CAT 4, REAR HYD, NO REAR FILL #42781 480X46 DLS #40429, 18.4X50, PiS PREM CAB 42826, 480X50 DLS, 5R, AUX HYD, LEATHER, 2630, ITC, CAT 3 DRAWBAR, RECON,625 HRS. (B) $204.900 480X50 DLS, NO MARKERS, DLS ON WINGs (B) S131,60o PREM LTS rs RADAR, 16F & 2 PR 450 60 GPM HYD PUMP 433 HRS. (B) 2012 JD 941OR 2010 HAGIE STS12 229.900 4 HRS. (W :):) 336 HRS. (W) 2014 JD 941OR 2015 JD 9420R 2014 JD S670 #39889, 44787 PRWD 6X50, RWA AUGER, PRO ENG. 866 45350, 710X42 DUALS, 4R, RADAR 4000 LBS REAR, PREM 48463, 100,1,200 GAL SS TANK, 14 SPAC, SECTION CONTROL AUTOSTEER 38090R54, 1,364 HRS. ( $179,900 PREM CAB& RADIO, PIS, HID LIGHTS S213,600 2013 JD 9460 HID BAREB ACTIVE SEAT 1.006 HRS. DLX CAB 278 HRS. (W CAB SR, 60 GPM 449 HRS. (w 249.0004 29 280.200 2016 JD R4030 JOHN DEERE ROXEL Your Solutions Dealer 45677, 710XA2, PIS, PREM CAB, HID 5R, 1400 FRT&REAR, 20 FRAME WTS, 2.535 HRS | H) S215,000 44491,800 G 5S TANK, FRONT FILL 15 SPAC, NARROW TIRES, FENCE ROW Bluffton (B) Huntington (H) Wabash (W) 68E 10ON, BLUFFTON 477TW-500N, HUNTINGTON 834N ST, RD, 13, WABASH NOZZLES, NO AMS, 182 HRS S278,900 260) 565-3559 876-9351 356-7958 888-876-9352 (260) 563-1149 1-888-876-9353 Troxel Equipment 8MM4797